The association “Verein zur Hilfe von leukämiekranken ukrainischen Kindern e.V.” is a nonprofit organization founded in January 2016 to help children in Ukraine who are suffering from leukemia. All active club members are volunteers.

We want to establish contact between the families and doctors / hospitals in Germany. Here we stand as a link between the family and the doctors / hospitals and, on request, the communication in both directions. We also try to obtain financial resources with which the treatment in Ukraine or abroad can be carried out.

The members of the association cannot give medical advice. About the necessary medical measures and the use of drugs only the doctors can decide.

The association provides its bank account for the deposit of funds available to be paid for children with leukemia. With the donations received we assume part of the cost of treatment in the context of the financial opportunities available. Furthermore, possibly resulting from these donations transportation cost of medicines and other medical items will be paid.

The association's work is funded solely by donations. Donations that were paid for ill children are not used for the running costs of the association.

With your support we can help children in Ukraine who are suffering from leukemia.